[Proj] Correction of definition of CRS EPSG 5456 and 5457

Eduardo Rojas Rodríguez eduardo.rojas at soltig.net
Sun Jan 21 16:44:22 EST 2018

Hi Andre

thanks for the reply

When reviewing the definition within the EPSG database, the definition of
5456 and 5457 are correct. as you can see in the attached image. both
definitions have defined limits that are used for lat_1 and lat_2 however
they are not present within PROJ4

If you can explain to me which is the chain of where and how PROJ4 gets the
data from EPSG and how often is it updated, I thank you. likewise note that
within the EPSG the definition of 5456 and 5457 are correct. so 

I do not know if it is a PROJ4 problem at the time of obtaining the EPSG
data. the limits of 5456 are within type area: EPSG :: 3869 and the limits
of 5457 are within type area EPSG::3870 that for de lat1 lat2 of both

within the ESPG could not find the type of transformation to get the
"toWGS84" parameter


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