[Proj] Plan for 5.0.1 and 5.1.0

Kristian Evers kreve at sdfe.dk
Mon Mar 5 05:59:00 EST 2018


This is mostly a service announcement to PROJ devs, but might also be relevant for other.

As mentioned in an earlier email I want to put out a patch release around April 1st, which will
be version 5.0.1. This will only be fixes to bugs in 5.0.0. I have created a 5.0 branch in the git
repository and plan on cherry-picking commits to master that fixes bugs in 5.0.0. Pull requests
or issues to these commits will be tagged with the 5.0.1 milestone on GitHub. I'll try to be on
top of things but in case I miss something please add the 5.0.1 milestone so I know that there
are  commits to be cherry-pick into the 5.0 branch.

In general I intend to use the milestones system on GitHub a lot more going forwards. It makes it
a lot easier to plan what's coming up and keep track of what's gone into a new release. Pull requests
or issues that relate to commits which fixes bugs or adds new functionality should always be tagged
with the relevant milestone. The list of milestones/releases for next few years can be found here:


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