[Proj] Use of SQLite

Sebastiaan Couwenberg sebastic at xs4all.nl
Mon May 21 09:22:42 EST 2018

On 05/21/2018 12:52 PM, Even Rouault wrote:
> So the idea would be to import the tables from a EPSG database dump (potentially not
> in their raw form, but in a modified form to comply with current EPSG Term of Services.
> We are working with IOGP on that issue) and add auxiliary tables/columns to define:

The EPSG Terms of Services are still non-free, they don't allow
modification of the data. Point 6.: "The data may be used, copied and
distributed subject to the following conditions:", does not include
modification. This is why the CSV files from libgeotiff are in a
separate Debian package which in only available via the non-free repository.

Point 6. vii.: "No data that has been modified other than as permitted
in these Terms of Use shall be attributed to the EPSG Dataset." seems to
provide a loophole, that while modification is not explicitly permitted,
as long as the data is not attributed to the EPSG Dataset it may be
modified in ways other than those listed in the  "permitted
modifications of data" table.

The SQLite database and its source form must allow modification, ideally
under the same terms as PROJ, to not force proj and the entire GIS stack
into the non-free repository.

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