[Proj] Use of C++

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Wed May 23 23:51:39 EST 2018


I think that if you want to keep proj. downwards compatible with C (and 
C++) then you should keep it standard C. If you use c++ in the library 
NOT any "just C" compiler can ever compile it. So as proj. is so small 
library I would keep it standard c since nobody really cares if it is c 
or c++ - and anybody can write it to c++ or whatever in very small time 
- that is not a problem.

So to be able to use proj. in as many targets as possible, also in 
smaller devices like hand held devices or so ... I would strongly 
recommend to keep it standard c for ever! - But when that is now said 
... they most likely do everything else but what is wanted!? haha! (y)



Even Rouault kirjoitti 2018-05-23 13:25:
> Hi,
> As announced previously, and given that the SQLite related thread has 
> calmed
> down (except license related discussions that aren't directly related 
> to it),
> this is the second potentially controversial topic I wanted to discuss. 
> .....

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