[Proj] Potential migration of the mailing list

Kristian Evers kreve at sdfe.dk
Sun Nov 18 04:24:12 EST 2018

Hi Even,

Thanks for taking care of this. I am happy to hear that it should be possible to migrate all the users to the OSGeo list.

Now that reconfiguration is at play anyway, it would be nice to change both the name ("PROJ.4 and general Projections Discussion" of the list as well as the mail subject prefix ("[Proj]"). At least I think we should align the names so that in both places it says PROJ instead of PROJ.4/Proj. It would also be nice to broaden the subject to more than just "general Projection Discussions", perhaps "general geodesy discussion"? Suggestions for better names are very welcome here :-)


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Emne: [Proj] Potential migration of the mailing list


We have had issues those last days with the maptools.org server hosting this 
mailing list being blocked from sending emails, due to spam transiting through 
it. This has been unblocked for now, but it might happen again.

We have requested migration of this mailing list on the lists.osgeo.org 
infrastructure which has more knowledgeable people already handling a very 
large number of lists.

The ticket tracking this is:

We'll try to migrate as much as possible, including the existing subscriber 
list, but in case this would not be possible, you might have to subscribe 
manually to the new list. We'll try to inform you of what happens on this 
channel, but if communication here doesn't seem functional anymore, please 
refer to the above link where instructions we'll be given.

Best regards,


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