[Proj] finding proj descriptions

Andre Joost andre+joost at nurfuerspam.de
Wed Oct 17 11:14:48 EST 2018

Am 16.10.18 um 13:09 schrieb Martin Desruisseaux:
> Le 16/10/2018 à 12:17, Roger Oberholtzer a écrit :
>> I used to use http://epsg.io/ to find the proj strings for projections
>> of interest. I see that the site now only provides an OGP XML
>> description.
> That site should be taken carefully anyway. Despite its name, epsg.io is
> unrelated to EPSG. The only official and authoritative online source of
> EPSG definitions is http://epsg-registry.org/ (or http://www.epsg.org/
> for downloading the database). Some Well Known Texts provided by epsg.io
> are in departure with authoritative EPSG definitions: for example most
> geographic CRS which are defined with different axis orders, or the
> Google projection (http://epsg.io/3857) which is defined with a wrong
> projection method (it causes an error of about 30 km at the latitude of
> U.K.).
> I have heard that if EPSG was not a non-profit committee, they may have
> taken legal action for asking epsg.io to change their name (disclaimer:
> I'm of course not speaking in the name of anyone at IOGP). That web site
> is of course free to provide the CRS definitions they want. It is the
> illusion that those definitions show EPSG authoritative definitions
> which is problematic.

Basically you may be right, but epsg-registry.org does not provide the 
"proj" definitions that were asked for.

Andre Joost

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