[Proj] finding proj descriptions

Howard Butler howard at hobu.co
Fri Oct 19 13:47:33 EST 2018

On 10/17/18 11:17 AM, Andre Joost wrote:
> Am 17.10.18 um 17:12 schrieb MacQueen, Don:
>> I tend to look at
>>     http://spatialreference.org
> ... which has to be taken even with more care than epsg.io.
> Most changes in the EPSG database have not been ported to 
> spatialreference.org for some time now.
> Note the "Last update: 2013" remark on the entry page.
Andrew is 100% correct. If anyone wishes to have the keys to
spatialreference.org to catch it up to the modern world, please contact
me and we will do so. I have a large list of issues to clean up to go
along with it.

Unfortunately spatialreference.org is an excellent community resource
that never attracts community contribution. It needs a champion like
Kristian and Thomas have done for PROJ.


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