[Proj] Understanding 2D Helmert

Kristian Evers kreve at sdfe.dk
Fri Oct 26 09:40:17 EST 2018

If that is the case it should just be a matter of changing the
type of the output units internally in the operation. If you
submit a new ticket on the github page with a short description
I'll take a look at it within the next couple of days.

Thanks for reporting this.


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Emne: Re: [Proj] Understanding 2D Helmert

Am Fr, 26.10.2018, 15:43 schrieb Andre Joost:
> But the result of "17.45 0" does not really make sense to me.
> X=2000 results to a new X=34.91.
> Can anybody shed a light on this?

Seems to be in radians: 17.45 to degrees* = 999.8113525
*to degrees: 360/(2*PI()) * 17.45

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