[Proj] cs2cs - specifying UTM zone on command line

Robb Main rmain.mws at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 11:30:15 EST 2018

When converting many lat,long coordinates to UTM, is there some way to
setup cs2cs to calculate the UTM zone based on the longitude of the source
cordinate system, rather than having to specify the zone on the command

What I'm looking for is something like: instead of this:
  cs2cs +proj=latlong +data=NAD83 +to +proj=utm +zone=10 +datum=NAD27
you could instead specify:
  cs2cs +proj=latlong +data=NAD83 +to +proj=utm +zone=auto +datum=NAD27
where 'zone=auto' might tell the algorithm to figure the zone out based on
longitude of the input coordinate. This would ensure the output data would
be correct, even if the input data file contains coordinates that span
multiple UTM zones.
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