[Proj] cs2cs - specifying UTM zone on command line

Kristian Evers kreve at sdfe.dk
Mon Oct 29 15:14:46 EST 2018

Okay, so basically encoding the zone in the easting? Better, but I still think it is weird. At least it produces somewhat sane output.

Is that operation used by any CRS in the EPSG database?


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(…snip…) I'd consider the UTM zone a part of the OUTPUT, whereas you seem to consider it part of the required input (lat, long & UTM zone).

So in my case:
 in: lat & long
out: UTM zone, easting & northing.

so the process would look more like:
$ echo 6 51 | proj +proj=utm +zone=auto
31    710488.86       5654109.18

Actually such operation already exists in EPSG database (not sure if it exists in Proj4 however). This is the Operation Method EPSG::9824 - Transverse Mercator Zoned Grid System. The output is basically:

E = Z*10^6 + (result of projection for zone Z)

This is not widely used however.


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