[rosa-users] Problems with Java 1.4.0_02

Martin, Daniel
Tue, 17 Dec 2002 17:35:18 -0600
I recently switched to JDK/JRE 1.4.0_02, and I'm running the associated
plug-in for Internet Explorer.  After upgrading, I started experiencing a
problem with Rosa.  Rosa sometimes shows only a small square of the actual
image in the upper left hand corner, about 1/8th of the actual size (it
*looks* like 100x100 of the total 800x600).  The rest of the Rosa applet
remains white.  If I check the actual image outside the applet, the entire
image is there.  So, I know this is not a MapServer issue.  Sometimes
refreshing fixes it, sometimes not.

If I switch to the MS virtual machine (ack, gag) this does not happen, and I
had never seen it in prior Sun virtual machines.  Has anyone experienced
this?  Does it go away with 1.4.1?  I can't upgrade to 1.4.1 yet for various
reasons, but it would be nice to know this is only a temporary issue.

Dan Martin

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