[rosa-users] 2 problems with ROSA

Thevenon Fabrice fabrice.thevenon at cg64.fr
Fri Oct 8 08:41:48 EDT 2004

Hi all !

I seached all the archives to solve my problem, bur I couldn't find a solution.
I am using ROSA with phpmapscript.

Pb 1 :
Is it possible to use ROSA on a Mac?
People that are under Mac can see my first map (displayed with rosa) but without the buttons, so they can't zoom or query the map.

Pb 2 :
Rosa causes errors in the stats of my site (HTTP 404), and I don't know how to avoid that.
The pages not found are :
.../applet/MozillaAppletContext.class  (4948 hits)
.../Rosa2000$COMClassObject.class      (1083 hits)
.../Rosa2000BeanInfo.class             (315 hits)
.../netscape/javascript/JSObject.class (40 hits)

These files are not in the zip file rosa.jar that I use.
Why does ROSA ask for them?

Thank you very much for any help !

Ingénieur Informatique - SIG 
Conseil Général des Pyrénées Atlantiques 
Direction des Moyens Techniques 
64 avenue Jean Biray 
64058 Pau Cedex 9  

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