[rosa-users] dyn_legend question

Stefanie Weykam sweykam at teleline.es
Tue Aug 16 14:34:24 EDT 2005

Hi list,

I wish to apply the dynamic legend for to (point) query some wms layers
which are not 'queryable' (XML: queryable="0") but come with nice GIF

The DYN_LEGEND doesn't quite work yet and I'm not sure if I fully understand
how ROSA works (zoom, recentre and query are OK). I suspect that the applet
is not submitting (must it?) when DYN_LEGEND is pressed. .. 

According to the ROSA applet parameter description the result will
-hopefully- show up in the task bar. Is it possible to intercept this string
somehow and assign it to a variable? (I'm not very skilled in JavaScript
although I use it occasionally.)

How does the applet 'know' which layer to sample? Can I indicate one? (I
don't want to query all layers). 

Any hints on how to quickly translate RGB values into hexadecimal RGB values
are also welcome (I have a colour chart, but the layers have up to 70

I would also like to know what's the difference between 'auto_some-input'
parameter and 'some-input' parameter?
And perhaps somebody can post an example for the target parameter too,

I'm using MapScript and MapServer 4.4 on Windows.

Thanks for your comments,

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