[rosa-users] how-to... ROSA

Juan Antonio Fernández Prada juanantonio.fernandez at uca.es
Wed Sep 28 05:12:50 EDT 2005

Hi list.

I'm an user of MapServer with PHP, but I need to use javascript. I've read in the net that ROSA can helps me with this. I've downloaded it, but I don't know what have to do with this. How can I install it? and, How can I use it? I need some help about the first steps with ROSA.

Thanks a lot and best regards.


Juan Antonio Fernández Prada
Laboratorio de Astronomía, Geodesia y Cartografía.
Facultad de Ciencias.
Universidad de Cádiz.
Email: juanantonio.fernandez at uca.es
Teléfono: 956 01 6287 / 956 01 6756

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