[rosa-users] Slow image display

Stefanie Weykam sweykam at teleline.es
Fri Sep 30 07:22:42 EDT 2005

Slow image display

Hi list members,

I developed the application using ROSA on my PC where it works fine and then
installed it on a different server where it takes significantly longer to
display the map image.

The application kind of 'falls asleep' and 'forgets' to update the map
image...??? The behaviour is also somewhat unpredictable: I sometimes get
just a white map, sometimes the coloured background of the map and sometimes
I even get the 'wait'-message. The map image (GIF) is instantly created in
the /tmp directory but displays only after I press the refresh button (which
is not part of applet).

The server configuration of both should be fairly the same.
Both have another MapServer application (without ROSA) running and are OK.
Both browsers have Java enabled.
The other server has a Java programme installed which is not of use anymore
and might interfere somehow (Java 2v1.4.2-05 - no idea what it does)

When I connect from my PC to the ROSA application at the other server,
everything works fine.
When I use the browser at the other server (both as localhost and via URL),
things go slow.
I have only tried two more terminals and one was very slow and the other
normal, all four are using Internet Explorer and have Java enabled.  

This makes me think that the problem must be related 1. to the applet and 2.
to the browser settings (even though Java is enabled).
After reading the archive, I am also a bit worried about compatibility of
LiveConnect with other browsers (and OS?). What's the state of the art?

Windows, MapServer4.4, PHP/MapScript, IE6

Thanks for any comments,
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