[Shapelib] RE: -ho option for shpdump

Eduardo Patto Kanegae eduardo at consultoria.eti.br
Wed Jul 21 11:22:46 EDT 2004

sorry Frank

I was no very clear.

It was about an option for dumping only header information of a given 
shapefile and NOT the whole structure...

-ho : Header Only... I think this was the option...

sorry I haven't found the message where we talked. about it


Frank Warmerdam escreveu:

> Eduardo Patto Kanegae wrote:
>> Thanks Frank.
>> another question is :
>> and about -ho option for shpdump?
>> is it only available at CVS version?
> Eduardo,
> To be honest I have virtually never used shputils myself.  I don't see 
> anything
> about a -ho switch in the code in a quick inspection.
> Best regards,

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