[Shapelib] possible bug when reading the boundaries ?

Stephane Routelous route at CAE.COM
Wed May 19 16:23:04 EDT 2004

Hi Dave,
I checked the code that we hqave for reading and writting shapefiles, an it
seems that the guy who wrote it "forgot" to write the extent in the shx file
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ESRI does, in fact, state that the organization of the 100-byte header in
the index file is identical to the main file header -- presumably this means
the contents are identical, as well; although that is not stated explicitly.
This raises the obvious question then:  what is the history of your
shapefile?  What might have caused its shx header to become different from
its shp header? 

Dave Gancarz 

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RE: [Shapelib] possible bug when reading the boundaries ?


Hi Frank,

Yes, I have a shape file where your code give me wrong results for the
boundaries (
xmin == ymin == 999999999
xmax == ymax == -999999999 ) where min > max

If you want, I can send you the files.

what about 
if ( boundaries in shx are not valid )

Stephane Routelous

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Stephane Routelous wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm investigating using ShapeLib instead of our own library because of
> performace issues.
> I think I found a bug in the code for reading the bounds of a shape file
> SHPOpen
> at line 448, you have :
>     fread( pabyBuf, 100, 1, psSHP->fpSHX );
> meaning that you are reading informations from the shx file.
> But after, you are reading the bounds with :
>     if( bBigEndian ) SwapWord( 8, pabyBuf+36 ); //line 480
>     memcpy( &dValue, pabyBuf+36, 8 );
>     psSHP->adBoundsMin[0] = dValue;
> it means that the bounds are read from the SHX file, but according to the
> specifications, the bounds are in the SHP file.
> So, I think you should move the reading of the boundaries before the line
> 448.


Generally speaking the first 100 byte header of the SHP and SHX files are
the same.  One could argue about which should be consider "more
if they differ but I haven't really run into a problem with this so I am not
inclined to change it for hypothetical reasons.

Have you actually encountered a problem with this code?

Best regards,
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