[Shapelib] possible bug when reading the boundaries ?

Stephane Routelous route at CAE.COM
Thu May 20 09:05:36 EDT 2004

Hi Frank,

I totally agree about your argument for "standard component" use.
I'm trying to push using ShapeLib instead of trying to fix the lib we have
for read/write shape file (I think it will be a bigger job to fix the
existing one rather to to use yours).
BTW, I think it is not a big problem to add the fallback reading the .shp if
the .shx is corrupt.It will make the ShapeLib stronger when reading
incorrect shape files (like ours :-( )



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Stephane Routelous wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> I checked the code that we hqave for reading and writting shapefiles, an 
> it seems that the guy who wrote it "forgot" to write the extent in the 
> shx file :-(


Ahh.   Another reason to try and use a standard component for implementing
file formats (especially when writing!).   If such files are common "in the
wild" I would be willing to apply a patch to shpopen.c that would use the
.shp if the .shx seems to be corrupt.

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