[Shapelib] Re: [Gdal-dev] Shapelib and UNICODE

David Garcia david at aimsun.com
Thu Nov 11 12:06:29 EST 2004

Frank Warmerdam wrote:

> David Garcia wrote:
>> Frank,
>> Find attached the test files in unicode.
>> Do you plan to update shapelib to support UNICODE or should I (try 
>> to) do it?
> David,
> OK, I have dumped the dbf files with dbfdump and it seems to be capturing
> the unicode properly. In what way do you feel that shapelib isn't 
> supporting
> unicode properly? Is it just that there is no clue returned to 
> indicate that
> the file is in unicode? The text itself seems OK.
> At this point it isn't clear what I would change in the code.
> Best regards,


Using dbfdump from shapefile version 1.2.10 I got this header:
Field 0: Type=Integer, Title=`êÛÿAöÈìå', Width=10, Decimals=0
Field 1: Type=String, Title=`è¯É}é╠æ¬ù╩', Width=30, Decimals=0
Field 2: Type=String, Title=`ÄÝò╩ïµò¬', Width=30, Decimals=0
Field 3: Type=String, Title=`╬▀Ï║̦û╝Å╠', Width=30, Decimals=0
Field 4: Type=Integer, Title=`ìsÉ¡âRü[âh', Width=10, Decimals=0
Field 5: Type=String, Title=`ÄsƼæ║û╝', Width=30, Decimals=0

It is the same that you are getting?



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