[Shapelib] General Shapefile questions

Matthew Gardner mattg at xlcable.com
Wed Jan 12 15:50:06 EST 2005

My company has developed a HAZMAT application that does modeling of Chemical
spills, terrorist events and other such incidents.  We would like to be able
to use our application to create a shapefile that could be imported onto a
map thus showing the geographical area that needs to be evacuated.  Our
application runs on both the Pocket PC and Windows operating systems.  And
we use MS Visual studio 6 as our development environment.

It looks as though the shapefile C Library V1.2 can do this for us but I
have some question.  Has anyone had any luck compiling or running this
library on the Pocket PC?

Probably the bigger question is can we create a shapefile that could be
imported onto many different maps?  I am new to GIS software and am
unfamiliar with how all the data access works.  I have read through ESRI’s
technical description of shapfiles and it is very useful for learning how
build a shapefile.  However, it doesn’t explain how shapefiles interacts
with other mapping software such as scaling issues or if it uses just
latitude and longitude coordinates.

If anyone could answer these questions that would be great or if you could
point me in the right direction, such as books, websites, classes or fee
based serive, that would great too.


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