[Shapelib] Shapefile questions - newbie

Cook, Steve steve.cook at ngc.com
Tue Jun 7 13:28:30 EDT 2005

I'm an absolute newbie so bear with me, plus these are more shape
questions as opposed to shapelib specific questions:


The shapefile format does not seem to support drawing attributes such as
line width, color, etc...  The FAQ indicates that its up to the imaging
application to decide how to display items.  Is the dbx file used to
indicate/hint about what the shape is (e.g. a road, river, etc...) and
if so how?  Or is there some other way of indicating how to draw shape
objects?  In my case I'm wanting to draw weather fronts.


Does the shape format support any kind of text display?  Do I need to
create my own font vectorizer?


How do I define objects that are pixel size related (but still
geo-located).  That is, I want a constant size on the screen no matter
how much I zoom in or out.




steve.cook at ngc.com

Northrop Grumman

Technical Services Inc

Lakewood, WA


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