[Shapelib] DBFWriteStringAttribute whit iso8859_1 (Danish character)

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Hanne:  If you are using ArcView to display your shapefiles, you might 
want to take a look at the tech page: HowTo:  Read and write Shapefile and 
dBASE file encoded in various code pages at 

Good luck

David Gancarz

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Re: [Shapelib] DBFWriteStringAttribute whit iso8859_1 (Danish   character)

On 6/24/05, Hanne Ribergaard <hanne.ribergaard at breakoutimage.dk> wrote:
> I have another beginner's problem: 
> When call DBFWriteStringAttribute the Danish characters in pszFieldValue 
> displayed wrong in the final shape file. 
> I'm sure that the sting is ok before calling DBFWriteStringAttribute. 
> When I call DBFAddField where pszFieldName is containing Danish letters,
> there are no problems. This mean that the fieldnames in my shape file 
> fine but the values are not displayed correctly. What can bee wrong? 


I don't think that Shapelib is performing any character set 
on values going into and out of string attributes so it seems the problem
is likely how the display application interpretes the characters. 

What do the characters look like if you do a "dbfdump" on the file?

It is possible that there is some sort of character set setting that can
be put in a .dbf file, but if there is I don't know about it and certainly
don't try to set it intelligently.

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