[Shapelib] spatial index support - idx file

Gregory Muench gmuench at currentcomm.net
Thu Mar 10 08:48:40 EST 2005

Thanks, Frank.  That does answer my question.

The reason I was asking is because I am using a .NET mapping control
from a company called Spatially Aware, and they use what they have
termed a "spatial index" file with an idx extension in order to speed up
loading of features on maps.  They have a method to build this index
file, but it is really slow, so I was attempting to get a speedier
version of the same method.

Thanks again for your response.


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[Shapelib] spatial index support - idx file

On Wed, 9 Mar 2005 12:35:20 -0500, Gregory Muench
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> Is there a shapelib function that will create a .idx spatial index


I am not familiar with .idx spatial indexes.  ESRI uses spatial indexes
using the extensions .sbn and .sbx.  MapServer and OGR use 
spatial indexes with the extension .qix.  The .qix format is supported
by the CVS version of Shapelib, but not the last published version. 

Does that answer your question?  

PS. .idx sounds more like an attribute index to me. 

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