[Shapelib] question about dbf file

vijay sambhe sambhe2005 at yahoo.com
Tue May 17 08:15:55 EDT 2005

I am using your shapelib and dgnlib to convert dgn file to shape file.
I have successfully converted graphics part to shape file. I am just creating
dbf files and not adding anything to it. My dgn elements have attributes (those
hexa values) for database linkage. How to write dbf file for each shape element based on these hexa values. I have hexa values ready from customized dgnlib. I have never used arc info.. I dont know the structure of
dbf file. do I have to define a table structure first in dbf file and then add those corresponding integer values for each shape type. After doing this how the link is established between shape element and its corresponding data in dbf file. is it automatic. If I indentify shape element will it show its corresponding data in arcinfo interface .. if not what procedure I have to follow to have this link up with customized table data in dbf file.
Hoping for your feedback.

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