[Shapelib] shapelib.dll in a Pocket PC

Mateusz Loskot mateusz at loskot.net
Wed Aug 23 15:24:07 EDT 2006

Daniel de la Cuesta wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> This is my firs message to the list :-)
> I am trying to use the shapelib.dll in a Pocket PC using .NET Compact
> Framework.

What do you mean "trying to use shapelib.dll in a Pocket PC" ?
Have you rebuild Shapelib to DLL using eVC++ 4.0 or Visual C++ 2005
compiler _for_Smart_Mobile_devices_?
Note, that the DLL available to download on the Shapelib website
*won't* work because of different architectures and binary
incompatibility, and many other low-level 'things'.

So, here is the procedure in very short:
1. download Shapelib sources
2. create DLL project file for Pocket PC using Visual C++
or eVC++ 4.0
3. add sources to the project file (3-4 files)
4. build shapelib dll
5. use it in your .NET CF application using P/Invoke

Here you have my package with the only Shapelib files
required to build it for Windows CE platforms:

> Has anyone done that?


> Is it possible?


> Does it work?


Mateusz Loskot

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