[Shapelib] Hello,how to transform the shp file to xml

Christopher Schmidt Christopher.Schmidt at GIStec-online.de
Fri Jul 7 03:08:21 EDT 2006

Read the ShapeFile Specification Document from ESRI
Then take a look at the API Documentation of the Shapelib
For converting this to XML you should think of using for the geometriy a
format like GML
One of the mainparts of your app is to 'parse' the shape.shx file and birng
the stored geometry to the tags in the XML File.
Therefroe you need to know how to write and read(parse) XML (Xerces etc.)
With the shapelib your are able to read the .dbf File also so that you can
bring up this Attributes (or Information) up to the tags.
Each tuppel in the dbf stands for one feature in the shapefile
Hope that helps a little bit as basics for the start
Best Regards
Christopher Schmidt


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Hi All,I am new to shapelib.
Now my assignment is that I should transfomr the shp,shx,dbf file to xml
How I can do that.Thanks in advance!

Best Regard!
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