[Shapelib] Installing shape lib in cygwin

Curt, WE7U archer at eskimo.com
Wed Jul 12 10:41:25 EDT 2006

On Wed, 12 Jul 2006, Alex Triffitt wrote:

> Hello, I'm using a network simulator (NS2) which requires shapelib to be installed.
> When the install script runs the command:
> "g++ -g -l shp -o common/....."
> It gives the error that it cannot find shp, which I am presuming is the shapelib library. Could anyone tell me how to install the library in cygwin so that GCC finds it?

On Unix systems you'd need to add the directory where the compiled
library resides into the /etc/ld.so.conf file and run "ldconfig" as
root.  Another method is to add the directory with a "-L" option to
the command-line above, something like:

    "g++ -g -L/usr/local/lib -l shp -o common/....."

I believe on Cygwin they changed the method used to search for
libraries though and you'd need to add the directory to your PATH

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