[Shapelib] ShapeLib problem with SHPDestroyObject Method in .NET 1.1

Mahesh Anandan mahesh_anandan at comcast.net
Sat Jun 10 04:19:47 EDT 2006



I am using Shapelib to create Polygon, polyline and point layers. I am using
.NET Wrapper available for the shapelib. 


My Problem: 


I am creating shape object using the Following method. 


ShapeLib.SHPObject shapeObject = ShapeLib.SHPCreateObject.


After writing the shape returned by the create object method, I destroy the
object. I am consistently getting Access Violation error when calling the
following method. 




Exact error message is: Object reference not set to an instance of an


For now, I am checking for shapeObject != null and also wrapped this in a
try catch block. It did not make any difference. I am fighting with this
problem for the last 3 weeks. Appreciate your response at the earliest.


Thank you,



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