[Shapelib] help with SHPWriteObject

Jeff Mosch Jeff.Mosch at dtn.com
Fri Jun 16 12:53:11 EDT 2006

I am having problems whenever I call the SHPWriteObject routine.  I'm
able call all of the other routines that I need.  I get an 'Access
Violation' when making the call to SHPWriteObject.  Are there any common
mistakes that I could check?  Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks...  Jeff



            hShape = SHPCreate( szRemotePath, SHPT_POLYGON );

            hDBF = DBFCreate( szRemotePath );


            vPolygonNum.vt = VT_I4;

            vPolygonNum.iVal = 0;

            KSHAPEFILES_AddFieldsToDBFNoConnection( hDBF, nTypeInteger,
vPolygonNum, nPrecision1, nNumericScale0, strPolygonNumber );


                            phObject = SHPCreateSimpleObject(
SHPT_POLYGON, knotCounter, dXPos, dYPos, dZPos );

//                                  nObject = SHPWriteObject( hShape,
knotCounter, phObject );

                    SHPDestroyObject( phObject );


// Polygon Number

                                    vPolygonNum.iVal = nThisPolygonNum;

hDBF, knotCounter, 0, nTypeInteger, vPolygonNum.iVal );


DBFClose( hDBF );

SHPClose( hShape );





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