[Shapelib] Drawing shapefiles in symbian

Joyce Azar azarjoyce at gmail.com
Thu May 18 15:05:46 EDT 2006

Hi Venkatesh,

I'm glad that things are working.

To begin drawing your shapefile map, i suggest that u start by having a look
on your map using the GPS Trackmaker.Then choose the levels you want to draw
(let's say the streets).Then open the corresponding  ".shp" file and read
all the coordinates needed as i told u before ,using the "SHPOpen" and
"SHPReadObject", and store them in an array.
Then, u can start drawing using the graphical context, but u have first to
know what are the shapes u want to draw (let's say points, polygones..).U
can find that by reading your shapefile in the command line using the
Then u have to read the bounding box of the shapefile u have ,so that to set
a scaling in order to let every coordinate fit into a screen pixel .
Once this done,u can plot the points or vectors u stored in the array in
your application view.

But as a first step,start by looking at the map you have ,to get an idea
about what u want to draw, and read the technical description of shapefiles
that u can find on the following link:


Keep in touch.

Joyce Azar.
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