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Carl R. Brune brune at ohio.edu
Wed Dec 17 23:26:25 EST 2008

I'm trying to work with a shapefile which is giving me some problems
and I like to get a handle on just what the problem. I am told by the
creator of the file that it can be read fine with ArcMap.

shpinfo and dbfinfo work fine:

   $ shpinfo oh_hydro_polys
   Info for oh_hydro_polys
   Polygon(5), 140900 Records in file
   File Bounds: (     1325097.55,    136582.8207)
         (    2558274.311,    1463434.409)
   $ dbfinfo oh_hydro_polys
   Info for oh_hydro_polys
   23 Columns,  140900 Records in file
              AREA           float  (19,3)
         PERIMETER           float  (19,3)
           CMAJOR1         integer  (9,0)
           CMINOR1         integer  (9,0)
           CMAJOR2         integer  (9,0)
           CMINOR2         integer  (9,0)
           CMAJOR3         integer  (9,0)
           CMINOR3         integer  (9,0)
           CMAJOR4         integer  (9,0)
           CMINOR4         integer  (9,0)
           CMAJOR5         integer  (9,0)
           CMINOR5         integer  (9,0)
        cRESERVOIR          string  (1,0)
        cCOVD_RESV          string  (1,0)
        cINUN_AREA          string  (1,0)
        cMRSH_WETL          string  (1,0)
         cDAM_WEIR          string  (1,0)
           cSTREAM          string  (1,0)
        cDITCH_CNL          string  (1,0)
        cLAKE_POND          string  (1,0)
        cINTERMTNT          string  (1,0)
             CLASS          string  (9,0)
        CLASS_DESC          string  (46,0)

$ shpdump oh_hydro_polys               ---> also works

but not if I use the -validate modifier

$ shpdump -validate oh_hydro_polys     ---> fails at some point

It fails (hangs with 99% cpu usage) in the middle of this (large!) shape:

Shape:140897 (Polygon)  nVertices=3751916, nParts=98314

I'm worndering if I'm running into a resource limitation of some sort?
Is this large a value for nVertices OK?

I'm also finding that shp2pgsql also hangs at about the same point.
This is what I'm really trying to accomplish.

The file in question (142 MB) is here.


Any comments would be appreciated.


Carl Brune
Carl R. Brune
Department of Physics and Astronomy      phone: (740) 593-1975
203 Edwards Accelerator Laboratory       fax:   (740) 593-1436
Ohio University                          email: brune at ohio.edu
Athens, OH 45701 (USA)

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