[Shapelib] Adding new shape to shapefile

Vassilis Perantzakis vaspervnp at yahoo.gr
Thu May 29 11:53:24 EDT 2008

If it works like in Delphi, after creating the file you should close it with


and then reopen it with 

IntPtr newShp = shpFile.SHPOpen(@"\SD-MMCard\TestParcelle\ARRETBUS.shp ",

to insure appending mode. I believe the same goes for the dbf file.

Let me know if it helped.

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First, sorry for my English, I'll promise you I'll do my best.


I'm in a training period in order to prepare my degree and I've in charge of
the development of a PPC application in C# using shapelib.

I read some posts in this forum about adding shapes in shapefile, and I
apply some parts of code in my application but, I have a problem with the
SHPWriteObject function. The application runs correctly but nothing is
written in my shapefile. Someone could help me ? Do I make a mistake in my
code ?


Well thank you for your help





My code : 

IntPtr newShp = shpFile.SHPCreate(@"\SD-MMCard\TestParcelle\ARRETBUS.shp",

double[] dblX = new double[1];

dblX[0] = 803606;

double[] dblY = new double[1];

dblY[0] = 800000;

IntPtr newDbf = shpFile.DBFCreate(@"\SD-MMCard\TestParcelle\ARRETBUS.dbf");

IntPtr pso = shpFile.SHPCreateObject(ShapeFile.ShapeFile.ShapeType.Point, 1,
1, null, null, 1, dblX, dblY, null, null);

IntPtr psObject =
shpFile.SHPCreateSimpleObject(ShapeFile.ShapeFile.ShapeType.Point, 1, dblX,
dblY, null);

shpFile.SHPWriteObject(newShp, -1, psObject);

shpFile.SHPWriteObject(newShp, -1, pso);


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