[Shapelib] Styles ?

Todd Patten todd.patten at sbcglobal.net
Sun Sep 28 21:07:01 EDT 2008

The shapefile contains the geometry not the attributes such as those you
describe.  In general this type of editing is performed in the application
displaying the shapefile.  If you wanted to set these attributes, you would
use a format such as ESRI's layer file (.lyr).  

Hope this helps.

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As you may be can see, I am new using shapes files!
The question is, when we create a new object using shapelib, where is it
possible to set the styles ?
For example if i am creating a point, where can we define the fontname,
size, color, angle, etc ?
Or creating a line, the style (dash, dot, single, etc), color, size, etc
Or creating a poligon, the brush, background color, border style, border
size, etc.

Thank you!
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