[Shapelib] RE: Styles ?

Brian Peschel brianp at occinc.com
Mon Sep 29 12:04:27 EDT 2008

> > From: shapelib-bounces at lists.maptools.org
> > Hi,
> > As you may be can see, I am new using shapes files!
> > The question is, when we create a new object using shapelib, where is it
> > possible to set the styles ?
> > For example if i am creating a point, where can we define the fontname,
> > size, color, angle, etc ?
> > Or creating a line, the style (dash, dot, single, etc), color, size, etc
> > Or creating a poligon, the brush, background color, border style, border
> > size, etc.
> >
> From: "Todd Patten" <todd.patten at sbcglobal.net>
> The shapefile contains the geometry not the attributes such as those you
> describe.  In general this type of editing is performed in the application
> displaying the shapefile.  If you wanted to set these attributes, you would
> use a format such as ESRI's layer file (.lyr).  

You could always define this in the DBF file.....

- Brian

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