[Shapelib] Problems using SHPDestroyObject()

Vassilis Perantzakis vaspervnp at yahoo.gr
Wed Dec 1 04:51:01 EST 2010

padfX and padfY are pointers to double as pointed out, but Brian forgot to
put the * sign after the := sign.


They are declared in shapefil.h as:

   double          *padfX;

    double         *padfY;


That means you copy the object memory when you assign them to aXIn and aYIn,
not their values. The call to SHPDestroyObject then has a problem with that.


The correct syntax should be:

     aXIn := *pSHPStr.padfX; //Array of nVertices X coordinates;

     aYIn := *pSHPStr.padfY; //Array of nVertices Y coordinates; 


Tell us  if it helped


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thanks for your help, Brian. I have tried this but there's still the CPU
error message in my IDE when I try to use SHPDestroyObject(). The message
does not appear when I try to access padfX or padfY but when I call

Screenshot of the error message:

Mario Haertwig

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