[Shapelib] Resync from GDAL / preparation for a new release

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Mon Dec 5 08:21:46 EST 2016

On lundi 5 décembre 2016 11:21:58 CET Sandro Mani wrote:
> Hi Even
> Good to see shapelib updated. I have a custom branch with an autotools
> buildsystem [1] to replace the handwritten makefile (which for one
> simplifies compilation for other targets, MinGW for one). Would you be
> willing to merge this to upstream?


Thanks. I've just committed the changes of your branch (except the update to LGPL v2.1 since 
that would require agreement from copyright holders. Anyway X/MIT is also an option). Was 
kind of fun to port your changes to CVS with file removals, etc. ;-)

I had to do a few extra changes, among which :
- add new sbnsearch.c in the lib, and link it against -lm if needed
- avoid CVS directories to be added by make dist
- fix CMakeList.txt to accomodate for the new test tree structure, and add it to the dist files
- add makefile.vc to dist files
- fix shpgeo so that the contrib/tests/shpproj.sh doesn't crash in proj.4 (I wonder if that test 
had ever worked before since from what I see pj_transform() has never accept a NULL projPJ 
- did change a bit configure.ac and contrib/Makefile.am and in contrib/shpgeo.h so as to be 
able to build without proj.4. You need to ./configure --with-proj-cflags='' --with-proj-libs=''
- add a -precision xx option to shpdump so that contrib/tests/shpproj.sh pass (with too many 
significant figures the original dump and the one after multiple reprojections have 
- change references in various files from LICENSE.LGPL to COPYING

"make distcheck" works from a fresh CVS checkout, and the cmake and nmake builds from 
the generated tarball as well, so I guess things should be mostly in order.

Double checking appreciated.

I've created a github mirror of the cvs repo with git cvsimport :


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