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Mon Dec 15 20:07:11 UTC 2008

#15: Insert transaction doesn't return id of features in the response
     Reporter:  nsavard     |           Owner:  nsavard            
         Type:  defect      |          Status:  assigned           
     Priority:  blocker     |         Version:  SVN                
   Resolution:              |        Keywords:  insert,response,fid
        Stage:  Unreviewed  |        Approval:  Proposed           
        Patch:  None        |      Complexity:  Unknown            
Compatibility:  Unknown     |   Specification:  Unnecessary        
Changes (by nsavard):

  * status:  new => assigned


 Finally I came with a solution.  Comments are welcome.

 Modify wfs_insert_xml()
 1) Define fid as an array with the layer name as the key

 2) Loop through all insert properties to retrieve the handle and the idgen
 values (if it exists)

 3) Set fid[layername] to -1 in the "insert elements layer by layer" for
 loop (existing loop)

 4) Loop (existing for loop) through all fields and get values, if this is
 an "id" field:

    if id use != 0:
      if field = id:
        retrieve id field value

        if idgen exists and idgen != GenerateNew:
          check if id exists in database

          if id exists:
            if idgen = UseExisting
              throw exception
              if fid[layername] = -1:
                get last id in the database for this specific layer and put
 it in "fid[layername]" variable

              id = fid[layername] + 1
              fid[layername] = id //keep track of fid

            put "id" value in the "sql" statement

        retrieve field value and put it in the "sql" statement

 Modify wfs_execute_transaction()

 if command = insert:
   Loop through all results
     add id to insert_results // wfs_request structure

 execute the transaction

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