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#19: srsName getFeature support
     Reporter:  ol                                              |           Owner:            
         Type:  defect                                          |          Status:  new       
     Priority:  major                                           |         Version:  SVN       
     Keywords:  14.2 srs projection reprojection EPSG RFC 5165  |           Stage:  Unreviewed
     Approval:  Unnecessary                                     |           Patch:  None      
   Complexity:  Unknown                                         |   Compatibility:  Unknown   
Specification:  Unnecessary                                     |  
 TinyOWs don't handle srsName parameter in getFeature query

 So is not able to reproject:
 <wfs:Query srsName="urn:x-ogc:def:crs:EPSG:27582"

 Or to check/die when a wrong EPSG code is provided
 <wfs:Query srsName="urn:x-ogc:def:crs:EPSG:9.99.9:99999"

 Unit test to reproduce that:

 See also WFS 1.1 spec p36 and RFC 5165

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