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Sat Mar 28 08:14:21 EST 2009

#17: Make Tinyows available to Windows users
     Reporter:  nsavard      |           Owner:  nsavard            
         Type:  enhancement  |          Status:  assigned           
     Priority:  blocker      |         Version:  SVN                
   Resolution:               |        Keywords:  windows,compilation
        Stage:  Unreviewed   |        Approval:  Unnecessary        
        Patch:  Code         |      Complexity:  Unknown            
Compatibility:  Unknown      |   Specification:  Unnecessary        
Comment (by ol):

 Hi folks,

 I've got some naives questions related to Win32 TinyOWS support:

  * Do we really need this 2 files in SVN ?
   * tinyows-svn-2005.vcproj.user
   * tinyows-svn-2005.vcproj.SHRECK.Normand\ Savard.user

  * If we want/need to add an extra C file (or remove/rename an existing
   one) in the compile process, what steps are required to update that
   with nmake and vcproj files ?

  * ms4w support is already done and complete ?
   and if yes could we imagine a new entry here:

 Voila, no others questions right now :)

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