[TinyOWS-dev] [tinyows] #2: Improve performance related to SQL query

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Sun Mar 29 14:00:28 EST 2009

#2: Improve performance related to SQL query
     Reporter:  ol          |           Owner:  Ol         
         Type:  defect      |          Status:  new        
     Priority:  critical    |         Version:             
   Resolution:              |        Keywords:             
        Stage:  Unreviewed  |        Approval:  Unnecessary
        Patch:  None        |      Complexity:  Unknown    
Compatibility:  Unknown     |   Specification:  Unnecessary
Comment (by ol):

 Lot of redundant queries already been removed by new ows_storage mecanism,

 still to refactor:
  * ows_layer_match_table in ows/ows_layer.c
  * ows_layer_storage_fill (2 request in a single one) in ows/ows_storage.c
  * remove all the remaining PREPARE stuff
  * ows_psql_column_name in ows/ows_psql,c
  * ows_psql_num_columns in ows/ows_psql.c

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