[TinyOWS-dev] [tinyows] #17: Make Tinyows available to Windows users

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Mon Mar 30 07:26:09 EST 2009

#17: Make Tinyows available to Windows users
     Reporter:  nsavard      |           Owner:  nsavard            
         Type:  enhancement  |          Status:  assigned           
     Priority:  blocker      |         Version:  SVN                
   Resolution:               |        Keywords:  windows,compilation
        Stage:  Unreviewed   |        Approval:  Unnecessary        
        Patch:  Code         |      Complexity:  Unknown            
Compatibility:  Unknown      |   Specification:  Unnecessary        
Comment (by assefa):

 I personally would be in favor of using the name.opt/makefile.vc vs VC++
 project files. I find it easier to maintain in general (adding files,
 switching compiler versions ... ).  Are there major reasons not just stick
 to this?

 The current build on tinyow should work fine with ms4w. I can upload a
 version if It is needed. Note the the next version of ms4w will be built
 with MSVC2008 and be released pretty soon (1-2 weeks; same time as
 MapServer 5.4). We might want to wait for that and do a tinyows for ms4w
 at that moment.  Let me know what you think.

 There is also the OSGeo4W packake and I usaully update the Mapserver
 releases for it. If you guys want, I can also add a tinyows package for

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