[TinyOWS-dev] [tinyows] #55: make test-valgrind detects memory leaks

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Sat Sep 11 17:49:55 EST 2010

#55: make test-valgrind detects memory leaks
     Reporter:  volter      |           Owner:             
         Type:  defect      |          Status:  new        
     Priority:  blocker     |         Version:             
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        Stage:  Unreviewed  |        Approval:  Unnecessary
        Patch:  None        |      Complexity:  Unknown    
Compatibility:  Unknown     |   Specification:  Unnecessary

Comment(by volter):

 I tried in Fedora 12 and 13, both x86_64. Below you can find a paste of
 it, since I'm not allowed to attach a file.


 Ubuntu Lucid passes this test. When I run make test-valgrind there, it
 fails after the second test stating:

 export: 108: xmlns:wfs: bad variable name
 make: *** [test-valgrind] Error 2

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