[TinyOWS-dev] [tinyows] #55: make test-valgrind detects memory leaks

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Mon Sep 13 10:31:46 EST 2010

#55: make test-valgrind detects memory leaks
     Reporter:  volter      |           Owner:             
         Type:  defect      |          Status:  new        
     Priority:  blocker     |         Version:             
   Resolution:              |        Keywords:             
        Stage:  Unreviewed  |        Approval:  Unnecessary
        Patch:  None        |      Complexity:  Unknown    
Compatibility:  Unknown     |   Specification:  Unnecessary

Comment(by ol):

 The memory leak is related to the assert premature ending

 This unit test should not end on error, and should
 produce a valid GetCapabilities document

 I've just checked with a fresh checkout from trunk and
 don't meet this problem on my platform.

 Could you please provide result for
 tinyows --help

 test/unit_test test/wfs/cite_wfs_1_1_0-sf0/0005 3

 And also the config file you use

 Tks in advance,

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