[TinyOWS-dev] db_encoding patch

Carlos Ruiz boolean10001 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 14 11:27:20 EST 2011


Sorry for the delay. I'm sending the new patch which allows to specify the 
PostgreSQL database encoding. 

This change obeys to the right encoding while inserting or updating data with 

As you have suggested, a new attribute db_encoding was added to the tinyows 
element into the 

config.xml file like this:

This patch must be applied immediatly, because the current TinyOWS trunk takes 
the XML encoding value to 

set the database client encoding and halts if it could not be setted. This will 
happens always because the 

differences between XML and PostgreSQL encoding values (i.e. UTF-8 vs UTF8 or 
ISO-8859-1 vs LATIN1).

The db_encoding value has no default, mainly because PostgreSQL supports some 
conversions like 

LATINx to UTF8 or WIN1252 to UTF8.

It's possible to see the db_encoding using the --check parameter.

It's necessarely to add the encoding and db_encoding attributes to the current 
user documentation.

Cheers from México

IC Carlos Ruiz

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