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Sun Jun 5 09:41:23 EST 2011

#72: support of startindex
     Reporter:  assefa       |           Owner:             
         Type:  enhancement  |          Status:  new        
     Priority:  minor        |         Version:  SVN        
   Resolution:               |        Keywords:             
        Stage:  Unreviewed   |        Approval:  Unnecessary
        Patch:  None         |      Complexity:  Unknown    
Compatibility:  Unknown      |   Specification:  Unnecessary

Comment(by ol):


 Thanks to this patch,
 and yes WFS 2.0 will be the next goal for next release(s)

 Just a question, about this line:
 || buffer_ncmp(prop_type, "bpchar", 6)

 What kind of use cases does it rely on ?
 (i'm wondering if i should commit this line in 1.0.0, in fact)


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