[TinyOWS-dev] [ANN] TinyOWS 1.0.0 rc1 is out !

Olivier Courtin olivier.courtin at gmail.com
Sun May 1 14:54:02 EST 2011

Hi all,

I'm really proud to announce, that TinyOWS 1.0.0rc1 is out today !


I expect now, a lot of tests and reports on several platforms and  
(exotic) uses cases
before to launch the official and stable release.

Thanks in advance to all of you to take time, in next days to do so.

A lot of juicy new improves for this TinyOWS release, headlines:
  -  First we reach a full OGC WFS-T 1.0 and 1.1 sf-0 unit tests  
  - Second we really improve again performance, mostly in Transaction  
and GetCapabilities requests
  -  Third we add MapFile config file parser, to allow a single config  
file to be used from both MapServer and TinyOWS.
  - And of course a lot of debug stuff.

Caution some 'little' things changed in TinyOWS config file from  
previous 0.9 release
   - rename server and prefix to ns_uri ans ns_prefix
    - rename wfs_display_bbox to display_bbox

Complete ChangeLog:
  - Configuration change with broken backward compatibility:
     * rename server and prefix to ns_uri ans ns_prefix
     * rename wfs_display_bbox to display_bbox
  - Encoding support, written by Carlos Ruiz: cruizch at gmail.com
  - Estimated_bbox option for GetCapabilities response (default is  
  - Schema cache for fast-cgi mode (huge performance improvement on  
transaction operations)
  - Improve drasticaly GetCapabilities performance on huge layer  
(Thanks to Nicklas Aven for report)
  - Add ability to use different names for layer and storage table  
(table property)
  - Mapfile config file support (use related TINYOWS_MAPFILE env. var)
  - Debug option available from configure step (--enable-debug)
  - Improve result from --check option
  - Add wfs_default_version config file option, to set server default  
WFS Version
  - Add gml_ns config file option, to set if any, layers properties  
using GML namespace
  - Add log_level config file option, to allow more granularity in log  
  - PostGIS version init check (support 1.5 and coming 2.0)
  - Update XSD schema (WFS, FE, GML), so need a new 'make install'  
step if you upgrade
  - CITE WFS-T 1.0.0 SF-0 full compliant (require PostGIS 2.0)
  - CITE WFS-T 1.1.0 SF-0 full compliant (require PostGIS 2.0)
  - Lot of debug stuff (a special thanks to Boris Leukert for  
detailled reports)



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