[TinyOWS-users] commit error: query string too long

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Sun Oct 31 13:47:55 EST 2010

Il 31/10/2010 19:40, Olivier Courtin ha scritto:
> On Oct 31, 2010, at 7:28 PM, Paolo Cavallini wrote:
>>> Could you provide the TinyOWS log related ?
>>> (with the XML WFS Query from QGIS and
>>>  the TinyOWS exact error message)
>> I think the executable is not reading the xml file, because no log  
>> is written.
>> I tried /usr/local/config.xml, /usr/local/tinyows.xml, /etc/ 
>> tinyows.xml
> /your_server_path/cgi-bin/tinyows -h
> To know both where the config file is searched and if/where the  
> logfile is set

/usr/lib/cgi-bin/tinyows -h
does not return anything; I guess my installation has some problem.
If I reinstall Pirmin's package, I get a sane result:
/usr/lib/cgi-bin/tinyows -hTinyOWS version:   0.9.0
FCGI support:      Yes
Config File Path:  /etc/tinyows.xml
PostGIS dsn:       host=***
Schema dir:        /usr/share/tinyows/schema/
Log file:          /var/log/tinyows.log
Available layers:
 - public.wfs_t  -> 3003 RW

> It's the nice work from Pirmin Kalberer
> https://launchpad.net/~ubuntugis/+archive/ubuntugis-unstable

Yes, I know this, but I was suggesting to have also nightly builds, for testing purposes.
Many thanks for following this up.
Paolo Cavallini: http://www.faunalia.it/pc

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