[TinyOWS-users] Speed of GetFeature Request with 4 millions point

Olivier Courtin olivier.courtin at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 10:49:26 EST 2011

On Thu, Aug 18, 2011 at 5:22 PM, Marc-André Trottier
<marcandre_trottier at hotmail.com> wrote:

Hi Marc-André,

> i replaced all the function fe_bbox_layer() in fe_spatial_ops.c by this :

Could you provide instead a svn diff output result ?

> it's working for my request in my application but it is working for all
> requests, i can't say
> i did not done many type of request

For now i don't really understand what you changed,
and also why you did, could you explain it a bit more, please ?

> i think my variable 'srid' don't get the good srid.
> you need the srid of the table and i understand
> ows_srs_get_srid_from_layer() return the layer's srid.
> there's a way to get the table's srid in fe_bbox_layer() ?

Humm there's no table notion, only layer, so why
ows_srs_get_srid_from_layer don't fit your need ?


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