[TinyOWS-users] config error

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Tue Mar 1 11:50:45 EST 2011

Hi all.
After a few successful installation of tows, now I cannot set up a
service. I keep on getting:
is not valid.
Compared to the last working setup, I noticed a difference:

<tows:province fid="province.1">

is returned by the one that works, whereas


by the one that does not.
I feel I'm doing something stupid here, but I cannot find what.
Of course ./tinyows --check seems ok:

TinyOWS version:   0.9.0
FCGI support:      Yes
Config File Path:  /usr/local/tinyows/config.xml
PostGIS dsn:       host= user=wfst password=xxkdsksd
dbname=wfst port=5432
Encoding:          UTF-8
Schema dir:        /usr/local/tinyows/schema/
Available layers:
- public.regione  -> 3003 RW
- public.t_province  -> 3003 RW

Any hint?


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