[TinyOWS-users] Making WFS queries against hstore attribute

Olivier Courtin olivier.courtin at gmail.com
Mon May 9 13:47:14 EST 2011

>> What about already implemented FE PropertyIsLike operator ?
>> If hstore are also considered as SQL string, it should/could works.
> I am not very clever in writing filters and queries but you can try  
> PropertyIsLike with my server. It is a fresh TinyOWS rc1, and the  
> database behind is PostgreSQL 9.0 with PostGIS 1.5.2. If you want to  
> have your own database with hstore some day, it can be created from  
> OSM data with osm2pgsql by using the -k switch. Before that hstore  
> option must be added into the database by running the "hstore.sql"  
> script from the "contrib" directory.*%27%20singleChar=%27.%27%20escapeChar=%27!%27%3E%3Cogc:PropertyName%3Etows:tags%3C/ogc:PropertyName%3E%3Cogc:Literal%3ESaima%3C/ogc:Literal%3E%3C/ogc:PropertyIsLike%3E%3C/ogc:Filter%3E

The request looks fine, but doesn't output any feature.
Could you log the PostgreSQL request to find out why it's doesn't  
works for hstore column type ?


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